Here’s Your Ears! Basket


Ear Color *

Ear Size *

Basic Personalization Embroidery (Up to 10 Characters)

Premium Personalization Embroidery (Up to 10 Characters)

Additional Basic Ears

Basic Personalization Embroidery (Up to 10 Characters) for 2nd Pair of Ears

Premium Presonalization Embroidery (Up to 10 Characters) for 2nd Pair of Ears

Additional Official Blue Autograph Book

Additional Mickey Pen

Additional Kit Kat

Additional Teddy Grahams


Item contents include either pink or black traditional ears, official blue autograph book, Mickey pen, Kit Kat and Teddy Grahams.

Black ears are available in Adult, Child and Infant sizes.   Pink ears are available in Child and Infant sizes.

Possible Additions: 1 Pair Traditional Ears, 1 Official Blue Autograph, 1 Mickey Pen, 1 Kit Kat and/or 1 Package Teddy Grahams.

Ears can be personalized only with proper names, up to 10 characters. No unusual nicknames, slang terms, profanity or epithets may be personalized. (Jim is a usual nickname for James, “Dawg” is not).  Most titles are acceptable, like Mr. Smith, Dr. Jones, or Miss Davis.  Names with initials are OK, for example “J.D.”, but last initials can not be embroidered with a name, like “Karen R.”  Disney will not embroider numbers, punctuation marks other than periods, company names, or slogans.

Contents are subject to change based on availability.  Tax is not included in list price.  Free delivery.

Basket picture is a mock up.  Actual basket appearance may vary slightly.



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